Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Alec Reid

Narrated by: Susie Riddell


Total Duration: 0hrs 42mins 51s

Total Size: 58.862 MB

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Tammy Wellins was an influencer and would-be playwright living in a less than glamourous part of Bristol.

Where she lived was a problem for someone ambitious to hit the virtual big time, but on the day which was to change her life, it was not the most urgent one. Her laptop had stopped working. She was in desperate need of a geek in shining armour. Bill fitted the, er, bill. He saved her life, figuratively speaking. He soon shed his armour and demonstrated a flair for amour, which made it inevitable she would move in with him. She wasn’t surprised to find his flat to be full of computers.

He confessed to being a hacker, which worried her, but he had no interest in messing up banks or delving into state secret, which would have reassured her, had he not confessed to something far worse….

Written and directed by Alec Reid

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