London After Midnight

London After Midnight

Genre: Audio Drama

Written by: Lance Roger Axt, Kenton Hall

Directed by: Jack Bowman, Kenton Hall


Total Duration: 0hrs 56mins 0s

Total Size: 76.996 MB

Release Date:

Based on the original screenplay “London After Midnight” by WALDERMAR YOUNG & TOD BROWNING

Set in the 1920s, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT is part murder mystery, part vampire thriller and part gothic ghost story as businessman Sir James Hamlin (Dan Starkey) seeks to uncover the identities of the tenants living in the Balfour mansion, long neglected since the suicide of Roger Balfour five years earlier. But when all indications point to the tenants being vampires connected with that horrible night, family friend and Scotland Yard detective Edward Burke (Art Malik) arrives to uncover the truth… which leads to a mystery of a very different kind.

London After Midnight is a full-cast audio drama, resurrecting the lost silent horror classic, directed by Tod Browning and starring Lon Chaney. Originally released in 1927, the film was lost in the notorious 1965 MGM vault fire.

Inspector Burke ( Art Malik )

Sir James ( Dan Starkey )

Lucy ( Beth Eyre )

Hibbs ( Kenton Hall )

Sgt Browning ( Jack Bowman )

Colonel Yates ( Cliff Chapman )

Doris ( Sarah Dorsett )

Williams ( Karim Kronfli )

Miss Smithson ( Abi McLoughlin )

Sound Design by Rory O'Shea
Studio Engineer Wilfredo Acosta
Original Music by Kenton Hall
and Brett Richardson
Associate Producer Liis Mikk
Produced by Lance Roger Axt
Jack Bowman
Kenton Hall

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