Audioteria is a website and accompanying app that lets you buy and listen to independently produced audio dramas and take them with you wherever you go. Not only is it convenient, but you’ll be carrying around some of the best audio drama currently available.

At the moment, you buy shows direct from the producers or via websites that predominantly focus on the audiobook market and original audio drama gets lost; we want to put all that great listening in one easily accessible place. More importantly, some of our audio dramas will be exclusive to Audioteria and won’t be available anywhere else.

Audioteria is not a directory or streaming service.

No, but that’s our favourite thing! And if you’re here, it must be yours too.

There’ll be some room for non-fiction and factual audio, but our focus is on exciting, dramatic storytelling and the opportunity to discover a range of curated and bespoke shows.

That said, we’ll also have exclusive one-offs, audio theatre collaborations, enhanced audiobooks and audiobooks – made by all manner of creative people and companies.

First off, set up your profile on the Audioteria website and download the app! Some shows will be free to download. Others can be bought online from the Audioteria shop.

You’ll be able to browse everything through the app, but you’ll need to head to the website to do your actual shopping.

After you’ve checked out (or subscribed), your show, book or series will automatically download to your phone or tablet ready for listening straight away.

You can listen to our audio on any device you prefer, but we recommend keeping all your Audioteria purchases to hand in the easily accessible app.

Audioteria is not a podcast streaming service or directory. We currently do not commission, co-produce or finance new drama.

Independent Production Companies

Are you an independent production company with audio content already produced independently or for a broadcaster or digital platform that is available for purchase? Do you wish to monetise that content further, either exclusively with Audioteria or in addition to other commercial platforms?

Then please get in touch with us to learn more.

Audio Fiction Podcasts

We do not accept audio fiction podcasts that have already been made available for free, and/or are currently streaming.

However, if you have a NEW fiction podcast in production or are about to release one and would like to test the waters with us as an Audioteria Exclusive purchased download for a minimum 3 month exclusivity period, we are open for submissions. We will also consider podcasts about to release their second or later seasons, as long as they are not yet available anywhere else.

If it’s been made available free at any time, there’s no incentive for listeners to start paying for it on a new platform. We want YOU to have the best chance at monetising it with us before the exclusivity period ends.

If you would like your podcast to remain on Audioteria after the exclusivity period, it can be made available as a free 'box set' style download.

Criteria for inclusion:

If a series, it must be complete. We’d love to be able to release episodes as they become available, but we don’t have the resources to do so at the moment.  We know this might not suit everyone; if you’re not sure, get in touch. Some dramas will continue to fare better as ongoing, listener supported podcasts and Audioteria might not be right for you.

If accepted, your podcast should not be listed or streamed elsewhere online during the exclusivity period. Once the exclusive window has expired, you’ll be free to distribute and monetise your work as you would normally do.

And of course, if you want someone to pay a premium for your exclusive content, it must be of a high production standard. Have a listen to some of the trailers and samples on the Audioteria website to get an idea of the quality we’re aiming for.

Audioteria is currently available on iOS compatible devices and Android.

If you have any issues with the website or app, please let us know.

Not at first. Just buy what you want and enjoy the free stuff! In future as the content grows, we may introduce a subscription option, but the option to make one-off purchases won’t change.

We can’t. We wouldn’t dare...! But what we can do that Audible doesn’t, is focus on and prioritise high quality audio drama and give independent producers of those dramas a home where it can be heard and discovered time and time again.

Audioteria will give independent producers with content a platform to showcase audio that they may not have had the opportunity to monetise before, or a further non-exclusive platform if their work is currently also listed elsewhere. Please the Submissions FAQ for details, or contact us.

Respected indie producer B7 Media – Well known for their high-quality audio productions including Dan Dare, Mahabharata Now, The Martian Chronicles, The Boy from Aleppo Who Painted the War, The Effect, The Space Race, I, Robot and many more. Most recently, B7 Media was behind Greenborne, the first nationally broadcast radio soap on air in 70 years not produced by the BBC and Theatre of the Damned, a co-production with theatre company Metal Rabbit.

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