At the Mountains of Madness (Enhanced Audiobook)

At the Mountains of Madness (Enhanced Audiobook)

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: H.P. Lovecraft, Paul Kent

Narrated by: Richard Coyle


Total Duration: 2hrs 53mins 23s

Total Size: 398.958 MB

Release Date:

“At The Mountains of Madness” tells the first-person tale of geologist William Dyer, a professor from Miskatonic University in the USA. He writes to disclose hitherto unknown and closely kept secrets in the hope that he can deter a planned and much publicized scientific expedition to Antarctica. For he has been there and seen the unimaginable horrors that lay beyond the mountains.

“At The Mountains of Madness” was written by HP Lovecraft in 1931, originally a serialised story published in Astounding Stories magazine in the US. While considered by fans to be part of the Cthulhu Mythos stories that HPL is most famous for, some academics argue that the author was actually ‘demythologising’ much of his earlier work.

This 2010 adaptation comprises 5 episodes, originally aired on BBC Radio 4 Extra, and offered here in exclusive EXTENDED EDITIONS. You will find an additional 30 mins of terror-filled audio within these five episodes!

Read by Richard Coyle (Harry Potter, Coupling, Going Postal, Prince of Persia, W.E., Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Dur: 2hr 54mins STEREO – 5 part Radio series.

Director Abigail Fox
Music composed by Jon Nicholls Directed by Neil Gardner

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