A Game for Gentlemen

A Game for Gentlemen

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Ken Del Conte

Narrated by: Ken Del Conte, Udana Power, Misha Crosby


Total Duration: 3hrs 0mins 35s

Total Size: 248.135 MB

Release Date: 02/05/2022

Robert Dougherty is determined to seek retribution after Steadly’s Bank robs his grandfather of his life savings on his deathbed – regardless of how long it takes. Left alone without any living relatives, the boy walks out of his school and flees by train to London with only a few articles of tattered clothing, his books, and a few shillings in his pocket.

Over the years, a combination of luck, talent and ingenuity align to make him solely capable of taking on what has become the largest banking institution in the world.

Gerrod Hopkins is Scotland Yard’s finest detective. When Steadly’s look to recruit someone to design impenetrable security systems, they want no-one else for the job. After a series of audacious robberies are reported around the globe, he and Dougherty face off in a high-stakes game that will take its players to their very limits.

Narrator ( Ken Del Conte )

Narrator ( Udana Power )

Narrator ( Misha Crosby )

Author Ken Del Conte
Producer Helen Quigley
Executive Producer for Datura Studios Misha Crosby
Executive Producer for B7 Media Andrew Mark Sewell

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