Brenda and Effie: The Woman in a Black Beehive

Brenda and Effie: The Woman in a Black Beehive

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Paul Magrs

Narrated by: Anne Reid


Total Duration: 1hrs 26mins 52s

Total Size: 119.315 MB

Release Date: 01/12/2015

Welcome to the mysterious town of Whitby, where all the monsters and demons of old come to retire and live out the remainder of their spooky days and nights and eat fish and chips on the seafront. There’s a strange new landlady in town, opening a B&B by the harbour; a lady with a tall black beehive, nasty scars about her person and a very chequered past.

Soon she’s teamed up with part-time witch Effie and together they investigate the mystery of the ghostly singing cat on the rooftops of the old town, and the savage maulings of old ladies in lonely alleyways. Also – there’s something very peculiar about the awful painting that Effie drags home from an auction. Can it really be coming to ghastly life?

Superannuated supernatural sleuths Brenda and Effie are veterans of six cult novels by Paul Magrs (Doctor Who). Now Anne Reid (Last Tango in Halifax, Dinnerladies) brings Magrs’s macabre creations to life in their very first adventure, written especially for audio. Here we are at the very start: about to hear the truth of what happened when Brenda met Effie for the very first time!

Written by Paul Magrs
Directed by Simon Barnard
Sound Design by Simon Robinson
Music by Edwin Sykes
Artwork by Stuart Manning

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