The Hellbound Heart

The Hellbound Heart

Genre: Audio Drama

Featuring: Alice Lowe, Tom Meeten

Written by: Clive Barker, Paul Kane

Directed by: Simon Barnard


Total Duration: 1hrs 15mins 24s

Total Size: 103.546 MB

Release Date: 27/04/2018

When Frank Cotton (Tom Meeten) finally acquires a fabled puzzle box, he gets more than he bargained for. Because the box is a doorway to another world, to Hell and its dubious pleasures, ruled over by the sadistic Cenobites. And Frank’s reward for opening the box is an eternity of pain beyond imagining.

But when his brother, Rory, and his wife Julia (Neve McIntosh) move in to the house where Frank conducted the ritual, he sees a means of escape. For Julia was once Frank’s lover and swore to do anything for him… even kill, if it would make Frank whole again. Julia will stop at nothing to bring her lover back from Hell, and only Rory’s friend Kirsty (Alice Lowe) unwittingly stands in their way…

Starring Alice Lowe (Prevenge, Sightseers), Tom Meeten (The Ghoul) and Neve McIntosh (Doctor Who), this is a faithful, full-cast adaptation of award-winning author Clive Barker’s novella (adapted for the screen as the classic horror movie Hellraiser), by Paul Kane (Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell)

Kirsty ( Alice Lowe )

Frank and Rory Cotton ( Tom Meeten )

Julia ( Neve McIntosh )

Cenobite 1/Amy ( Evie Dawnay )

Kircher/Cenobite 2 ( Chris Pavlo )

Businessman/Cenobite 4 ( Nicholas Vince )

Cenobite 3/Sykes/Doctor ( Scott Brooksbank )

Susan/Nurse ( Lisa Bowerman )

Sound Design Simon Robinson
Music Edwin Sykes
Artwork Matthew Dow Smith
Design Matt Bright

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