On Ego

On Ego

Genre: Audio Drama

Featuring: Elliot Levey, Henry Goodman, Susan Lynch

Written by: Mick Gordon

Directed by: Mick Gordon


Total Duration: 0hrs 43mins 11s

Total Size: 59.898 MB

Release Date: 01/10/2009

Lecturer Alex is convinced that people are just a bundle of neurons. When his wife falls ill, he finds he has basic questions to answer about what it really means to be a person. But that is just part of an unfolding experience that questions not only his identity but his very existence.

On Ego is a co-operation between a non-playwright, in this case the neuropsychologist Paul Broks, and the theatre director and writer, Mick Gordon. Mick has taken the argument about the existence of the ego from the book Into The Silent Land by Paul Broks, and fashioned a dramatic scenario through which the arguments are explored. The play is a contemplation on love, identity and what it is to be human, and the narrative grapples with, and is driven by, questions about self, ego and consciousness. The play peers into the human mind and suggests that, no matter how science is able to analyse existence, the construction of feelings of love and pain remain unfathomable.

Some audio has been edited from the original broadcast version due to copyright restrictions.

Derek ( Henry Goodman )

Alice ( Susan Lynch )

Directed by Mick Gordon

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