Greenborne: FULL SERIES

Greenborne: FULL SERIES

Genre: Audio Drama

Featuring: Louise Jameson, Raad Rawi, John Altman, Corrinne Wicks

Written by: Bev Doyle, Angela Churm, Colin Brake

Directed by: Andrew Mark Sewell


Total Duration: 3hrs 32mins 58s

Total Size: 309.334 MB

Release Date:

Greenborne is a 12 part radio soap opera initially produced for broadcast on community radio stations and now available as a free podcast.

After the long months of lockdowns, the villagers of Greenborne begin to rebuild their personal and professional relationships as they negotiate the emerging freedoms of the summer of 2021 with renewed hope and optimism. When a major figure in the community finally makes her return from a long Covid imposed exile she threatens the village’s fragile return to normality…

Alan Godwin ( John Altman )

Beverley Godwin ( Corrinne Wicks )

Evie Lejeune ( Louise Jameson )

Farhad Madani ( Raad Raawi )

Sam Sharma ( Pal Aron )

Jeet Sharma ( Shash Hira )

Arjun Sharma ( Raj Ghatak )

Piya Chandola ( Bhavnisha Parmar )

Lisa Lejeune ( Ally Murphy )

Lewis Godwin ( Finley Pile )

Daisy Godwin ( Luci Fish )

Tanny Jefferson ( Amy Rockson )

Sandra Davis ( Niamh McGrady )

Chloe Chan ( Rebecca Yeo )

Logan Cockburn ( Joshua Manning )

Maggie Roberts ( Laura Shavin )

Created by Colin Brake and Andrew Mark Sewell
Written by Colin Brake, Angela Churm and Bev Doyle
Sound Design & Post Production Kirsty Gillmore
Original Music Tim Arnold
Greenborne FM Station Sound DevaWeb
Studio Manager Wilfredo Acosta
Series Producer Helen Quigley
Director Andrew Mark Sewell

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