Berkoff's Macbeth

Berkoff’s Macbeth

Genre: Theatre, Audio Drama

Featuring: Steven Berkoff, Linda Marlowe, Cleo Laine, Samuel West

Written by: William Shakespeare


Total Duration: 1hrs 59mins 59s

Total Size: 165.621 MB

Release Date:

‘Berkoff’s Macbeth’ is a powerful, chilling interpretation of Shakespeare’s tragedy which, while remaining faithful to the text, reveals Steven Berkoff’s highly original genius. His dynamic Thane is complemented by Linda Marlowe’s icy, calculating Lady Macbeth, Samuel West’s impassioned Macduff, Timothy Walker’s outraged Malcolm and Cleo Laine’s sublimely sinister witches.

Together with Mark Glentworth’s evocative music, they create an atmosphere of high dramatic tension which has all the immediacy of film. bringing out the dramatic subtleties, the magic, the madness and the horror of Shakespeare’s play, ‘Berkoff’s Macbeth’ is a production that will be remembered for its vigour, energy and emotional power.   It is presented here in its full unabridged form, split in to two one hour halves for ease of listening. This is the first time the production has been available to buy in many years.

Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1995.

Macbeth ( Steven Berkoff )

Lady Macbeth ( Linda Marlowe )

Three Witches ( Cleo Laine )

Duncan ( Lee Montague )

Malcolm ( Timothy Walker )

Banquo ( Ian Hogg )

Macduff ( Samuel West )

The Porter ( Craig Charles )

Lady Macduff ( Suzan Sylvester )

Old Siward ( Howard Goorney )

Donalbain ( Dyfed Thomas )

Lennox ( Gary Redmond )

Fleance ( Harry Peacock )

Young Macduff ( Thomas Orange )

Adapted by David Benedictus
Music and Sound Design Mark Glentworth
“A terrific production” – The Times “Cleo Laine is marvellous…a highly enjoyable production” – Stage “Unlike any other production of ‘the Scottish play’ you’ve ever heard. Cleo Laine cooks up a storm…Mark Glentworth’s score is an ear-opener” – Daily Mail “A gripping production…Berkoff’s soliloquies as Macbeth were terrifying” – Sunday Telegraph

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