Theatre of the Damned

Theatre of the Damned

Genre: Theatre, Audio Drama

Featuring: Amir El-Masry, Sam Crane, Kelly Burke

Written by: Richard Kurti, Bev Doyle

Directed by: Andrew Mark Sewell


Total Duration: 0hrs 46mins 52s

Total Size: 64.362 MB

Release Date: 21/07/2023

*Theatre of the Damned contains very strong language and scenes of violence and gore.*

Paris, 1920s. The greatest era of the Grand Guignol. But getting cast is murder.

Based on the origin story of the legendary theatre in Paris, Theatre of the Damned explores the blood-curdling depths to which struggling immigrant theatre producer, Camille Choisy, penniless Parisian playwright, Andre De Lorde and aspiring actress, Paula Maxa, will stoop in order to satisfy their audiences’ blood-thirsty appetite and gain Faustian profits.

Tired of having his work savaged, De Lorde writes a vengeful outburst of a play featuring bigoted critics, gore and torture which horrifies and delights the audience. The once-failing theatre is suddenly overrun by a demand for tickets.

The three artists become increasingly seduced by their own spectacle. After all, ‘fools getting their comeuppance amidst buckets of blood – what’s not to like?’

It seems Choisy has identified a gap in the market. But he also has to fend off interests in the property from his brothel running neighbour, Madame Douska, and the attentions of some shadowy, blackmailing Corsicans.

As the lines between what is real and what is theatre become devastatingly blurred, how far are Choisy, De Lorde and Maxa willing to go to validate their art and maintain their newfound stardom?


“A bloody-grinned pickpocket of a story that charms you from the first buzz of a fly…. The core trio of El-Masry, Crane and Burke make the most of the whip-fast Sorkinian dialogue, crammed full of zingers.” Alasdair Stuart, The Full Lid

Camille Choisy ( Amir El-Masry )

Andre De Lorde ( Sam Crane )

Paula Maxa ( Kelly Burke )

Madame Douska ( Irina Kara )

Berenice ( Beth Eyre )

Jerome ( Timothy Blore )

Tramp / Executioner ( Andrew James Spooner )

Bank Manager ( Tim Bruce )

Written by Richard Kurti & Bev Doyle
Studio Manager Shane O’Byrne
Sound Design and Post Production Jon Nicholls
Original Music Anna Phoebe
Producer Helen Quigley
Executive Producers Oli Seymour and George Warren
Director Andrew Mark Sewell

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