The Sound Within

Total Duration: 2hrs 28mins 31s

Total Size: 364.112 MB

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Brought together for the first time as a complete collection, you will find here 16 short audio stories written by award-winning audio writer/producer/director Neil Gardner.  These 16 short tales delve into realms of existential investigation, from dark horror and science fiction futures to fantastical flights of scientific wonder. Each story is a self-contained world of its own, a moment in time that illuminates a thought, a person, an experience or a curiosity.

Narrated by a who’s-who of legendary TV and audio performers, many from the world of Doctor Who (where Neil is a leading audio producer) and underscored by beautiful and evocative incidental music.

These are short stories written specifically to be performed in audio. We hope you enjoy the ride…and the journeys of thought you are taken on.

Featuring music by PURPLE PLANET MUSIC.

Music by Purple Planet
Directed by Neil Gardner
REVIEWS “If you like your horror to be psychological and you enjoy the nightmare-like complete experience of Gothic, then you must listen to this.  8/10” – The Cult Den “As a whole this five minute gem of a story grabs your brain and it doesn’t let go. Get it.  10/10” – The Cult Den “Day One. Even the title resonated with me for some reason, as it spoke of the promise of things to come and of something to look forward to and I was not disappointed as I sat, open-mouthed and awestruck for the full five minutes.” – Susan Omand “It demands your full concentration and, as a story, it will stay with me for a long time.  I cannot fault it. 10/10” – The Cult Den “a very well told story, beautifully performed and with a great unexpected twist.” 9/10 The Cult Den

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