Sometime Never

Sometime Never

Genre: Audio Drama

Featuring: Simon Jones, Rosalyn Landor

Written by: Scott Harrison

Directed by: Neil Gardner


Total Duration: 0hrs 51mins 48s

Total Size: 72.174 MB

Release Date:

SOMETIME NEVER tells the story of a chance meeting between Nancy Timperley and the mysterious David Voland, at the site of a past tragedy. Just why is Nancy there, and what does David know of her past and the tragic events of so many years ago?

Written by Scott Harrison and starring Simon Jones (Hitch-hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy) and Rosalyn Landor (The Devil Rides Out, C.A.T.S. Eyes). The audio drama is directed, edited and sound designed by Neil Gardner (Doctor Who, Dorian Gray, BBC Radio) with music specially composed by James Dunlop (Big Finish/Dorian Gray).


“Harrison’s script has been brought to life in the best way possible” – Alwyn Ash

“A well-told sad drama…it’s hard not to see the great potential that Sometime Never has…” – Starburst Magazine

“This is an intense 30 minutes. But you won’t regret the listen.” – 9/10 The Cult Den

“A well-structured bittersweet tale.” – 8/10 Sci-Fi Bulletin

David Voland ( Simon Jones )

Nancy Timperley ( Rosalyn Landor )

Music by James Dunlop
Sound Design by Neil Gardner

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