Foreword/Afterword - Epilogue

Foreword/Afterword – Epilogue

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Alec Reid

Narrated by: John Telfer, Michael Lumsden


Total Duration: 0hrs 27mins 5s

Total Size: 37.218 MB

Release Date:

The unreliable narrator of this dark tale will not try to influence your opinion concerning the reality or otherwise of ghosts. Each of his three wives had left him and subsequently died. His life was a mess. He somehow melded logic to a magical inner life, which absorbed him more than anything in the real world. It made him wealthy whilst leaving him lonely beyond the reach of any therapist. He came to welcome the abyss that awaits us all, but then a ghostly and mysterious meeting changed his life beyond even his own imagining….

‘Epilogue’ is a poem for the end of the world.

Produced and Directed by Alec Reid

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