Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Alec Reid

Narrated by: John Telfer


Total Duration: 0hrs 21mins 12s

Total Size: 29.135 MB

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David was in love with an outdoor girl. They had met during his holiday of a lifetime in Australia, where he had divided his time between luxury hotels and the outback. She taught in a village school.

Back home, he had bought the ring and was getting ready to propose via Skype. He was sure she would say yes. Then there was a massive power cut. The darkness was absolute. It brought back his childhood fear of fairy tales, particularly the one about the troll under the bridge. He never quite believed that the largest Billy Goat Gruff could have despatched the troll with such ease.

And now David could not resist the terror that suddenly confronted him as he stumbled to bring light into the eternal darkness….

Written and directed by Alec Reid

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