Through Time and the Stars (Season 1)

Through Time and the Stars (Season 1)

Genre: Audio Drama

Written by: Jai Kobayaashi Gomer, Megan Dargue

Directed by: Colin Sinclair


Total Duration: 2hrs 37mins 43s

Total Size: 217.281 MB

Release Date:

When a young street urchin from Victorian London accidentally steals a time machine, the Future is rapidly turned upside-down and inside out.

Thrown into a frightening world of living spacecraft, amorous aliens and a host of murderous villains, Daisy must fight to survive if she’s ever going to make it back home in time to rescue her little sister.

Oh. And then there’s Dave.

Trent Montgomery ( Thomas Jennings )

Alice ( Lauren Eliza )

Daisy ( Naomi Haliday )

Maisie ( Isla Lightfoot )

The Administrators ( David McCaffrey )

Time Traveller ( Lee Gemmell )

Narrator ( Colin Sinclair )

Other Characters ( The Cast )

Dramatised by BeHear

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