The Lady Vanishes (Abridged)

The Lady Vanishes (Abridged)

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Ethel Lina White

Narrated by: Brenda Blethyn


Total Duration: 1hrs 22mins 58s

Total Size: 191.966 MB

Release Date: 21/11/2006

The Oscar nominated actress BRENDA BLETHYN reads a six-part abridgement of Ethel Lina White’s classic 1930’s railway thriller THE LADY VANISHES.


Best known as the basis for Hitchcock´s classic early film, The Lady Vanishes, Ethel Lina White´s novel “The Wheel Spins” (later renamed as “The Lady Vanishes” following the popularity of Hitchcock’s movie) is a gripping and accomplished work in its own right. The plot is deceptively simple, and the premise – a woman meets an engaging stranger during a long railway journey who later disappears leading to mystery and deception – is classic. It´s easy to see why Hitchcock found this novel so compelling and so well-suited to his particular brand of filmmaking.

Read by one of the UK’s most popular actresses, the twice Oscar nominated Brenda Blethyn, “The Lady Vanishes” promises to take you on a thrilling journey – asking not just whodunnit, but why and how!

Directed by Neil Gardner
Music by SNK Music

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