Brenda and Effie: Brenda Has Risen from the Grave

Brenda and Effie: Brenda Has Risen from the Grave

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Paul Magrs

Narrated by: Anne Reid


Total Duration: 1hrs 24mins 7s

Total Size: 115.546 MB

Release Date: 19/06/2015

Romance, it seems, has come Effie’s way. She has started to date Keith, a latterday Elephant Man who lives in a caravan. Brenda thinks her friend has had her head turned, and counsels against getting carried away. In her experience, the real Elephant Man didn’t have a trunk and large ears.

Brenda, meanwhile, is having a flashback to her adventures in foggy London town during the 1880s. She was caught up in the hunt for a killer known as the London Monster – a murderer who left curious contusions on his victims’ bodies. Wounds that could only have been inflicted by some kind of prehensile trunk.

Now there’s a rash of murders on the streets of Whitby. Victims bear those same trunk-inflicted weals on their flesh. There has been a haunting trumpeting noise echoing through the alleyways at night. Effie won’t be warned, however. And what’s worse, Keith has recognized Brenda as his nineteenth century nemesis who turned him over to the police. Now Keith has decreed that Brenda must die – and that Effie must be his bride..!

With Alex Lowe and Chris Pavlo
Written by Paul Magrs
Directed by Simon Barnard
Sound Design by Simon Robinson
Music by Edwin Sykes
Artwork by Simon Robinson

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