The Scarifyers: The Temple of Kurpannga

The Scarifyers: The Temple of Kurpannga

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Stephen Keyworth

Narrated by: Dan Starkey


Total Duration: 1hrs 38mins 42s

Total Size: 135.73 MB

Release Date:

Harry Crow is feeding the ducks when he’s interrupted by the most boring archaeologist in the world, Michael Doyle. Despite his deeply forgettable face Doyle has been cursed to transform into Kurpannga, the Devil Dingo, awful Harbinger of the Apocalypse.

The transformation is almost certainly unstoppable – but also very, very slow. Crow and Dunning have just twelve months to reverse the curse and save the world. They must journey into the Dreamtime, confront the Ancient Ones and visit the terrifying and badly-lit Temple of Kurpannga, stopping only for a couple of pints at the Chandos.

Reality bends, trousers disappear and the world definitely starts to end a bit, in the hilarious new high stakes Scarifyers adventure that is THE TEMPLE OF KURPANNGA.

A Scarifyers audiobook, performed by Dan Starkey.

Written by Stephen Keyworth
Sound Design Richard Fox
Music Evelyn Sykes
Design and Artwork Matthew Dow Smith
Produced by Simon Barnard

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