Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend

Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend

Genre: Audio Drama

Featuring: Rosalyn Landor, Sam Hazeldine, Eleanor Tomlinson, Tom Mison, Graham McTavish

Written by: Kerry Lynne

Directed by: Neil Rosser


Total Duration: 22hrs 32mins 53s

Total Size: 1.815 GB

Release Date: 23/08/2023


GOLD WINNER at the New York Festivals Radio Awards 2024!


This content is for mature audiences. It contains explicit language, graphic violence, strong sexual content and themes.


In 1753 a Legend sails the Caribbean seeking treasure; alas once found ‘tis difficult to keep…

Kerry Lynne and By the Board Publishing LLC presents the Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend audio drama. The production is a full cast audio “theatre” drama produced by Neil Rosser of Spools Out Productions UK.

Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend audio is an unabridged adaptation of the first book in The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend series, it is not a story for children, nor the weak of heart, it is a violent and deadly world with enemies scheming to take the Pirate Captain’s treasure.

Its 1753. The golden age of piracy is dead, along with its famous pirates.Still pirates are sailing the seas and Pirate Captain Nathanael Blackthorne is “out there” doing what he does best, captaining his ship the Ciara Morganse, seeking revenge, when Providence dumps a treasure on his deck; Cate Harper Mackenzie, a Jacobite War criminal.

It’s a story of people, scared of both spirit and flesh, coming to grips with that ol’ demon, Trust. It’s what a man will do to preserve his most treasured. It’s the story of what a woman will risk to gain what she desires most.

Kerry Lynne’s The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend book series is riveting storytelling that demands a unique audio drama to bring Lynne’s characters to life. Director Neil Rosser has mixed an original musical score by Michael Vickerage, sound effects and an all-star cast of Rosalyn Landor (Narrator), Sam Hazeldine, Eleanor Tomlinson, Graham McTavish, and Tom Mison, plus fourteen supporting actors to create an exceptional production that fans refer to as an “audio movie”.

Have you the courage to join us?

The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend story continues as a book series….visit piratecaptain.net.

Narrator ( Rosalyn Landor )

Pirate Captain Nathanael Blackthorne ( Sam Hazeldine )

Cate Harper McKenzie ( Eleanor Tomlinson )

Ezekiel Pryce ( Graham McTavish )

Captain Thomas ( Tom Mison )

Credits ( David Renault )

Ensemble ( Lucy Scott )

Ensemble ( Roger May )

Ensemble ( Clive Hayward )

Ensemble ( Neil McCaul )

Ensemble ( Fiona Boylan )

Ensemble ( David Rinntoul )

Ensemble ( Will Kirk )

Ensemble ( Peter Snipp )

Producer / Director Neil Rosser
Production Assistant Fuchsia Kelleher
Engineer Ru Lemer
Composer Michael Vickerage
Writer Kerry Lynne

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