The Scarifyers: The Gnomes of Death

The Scarifyers: The Gnomes of Death

Genre: Audio Drama

Featuring: David Warner, Terry Molloy

Written by: Paul Morris, Simon Barnard

Directed by: Simon Barnard


Total Duration: 1hrs 43mins 5s

Total Size: 141.564 MB

Release Date:

When MI:13’s mortuary begins filling up with the disembodied feet of gardening enthusiasts, Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) are plunged into a sinister world of garden allotments, topiary fowl and gaudy garden ornaments.

When the landlord of Harry’s local, the Six Bells, is also found minus his snakeskin brothel creepers (and their contents), Crow and Dunning are plunged into a more sinister world still – of Morris dancers, exceptionally strong ale and all-powerful ancient Indian deities.

What is the dark secret of the Six Bells privy? Are the Beer and Real Ale Association merely hirsute eccentrics, or something else? And what is the real purpose of Morris dancing?

Crow and Dunning discover that horticulture can be a dangerous business, as they find themselves pitted against their shortest foes yet… the Gnomes of Death.

Harry Crow ( David Warner )

Professor Dunning ( Terry Molloy )

Thomas Kelley ( Matthew Holness )

Arachius Fitch ( Ewan Bailey )

Alexander Caulfield-Browne ( David Benson )

Ettie ( Lizzie Roper )

Bunny Cheesewright ( Phil Rose )

Doctor Slither ( Stuart Silver )

Ethel ( Lucy Scott )

Produced and Directed by Simon Barnard
Written by Paul Morris & Simon Barnard
Cover Art by Garen Ewing
Music Edwin Sykes
Sound Design Simon Robinson

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