The Scarifyers: An American Werewolf in Ludlow

The Scarifyers: An American Werewolf in Ludlow

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Tom Crowley

Narrated by: Terry Molloy


Total Duration: 2hrs 7mins 52s

Total Size: 175.705 MB

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Dunning and Crow of MI-13 are investigating an impossibly splattery murder near the Royal Artillery Barracks when they’re surprised by the arrival of a new ally: Special Agent Diggs of the FBI. Diggs has been following a series of similarly savage slayings all the way from Massachusetts and can find only one connection: a squad of American soldiers, recently arrived in Woolwich.

But the Americans aren’t talking, least of all their hawkish commanding officer, General Mason. Does he know more than he’s letting on, or not even that much? Why are MI-11’s military intelligence goons sniffing around the case? And can Crow and Dunning trust their new friend from the bureau?

Sinister intrigue, nail-biting action and pork pies await this uneasy alliance on the trail of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LUDLOW.

A Scarifyers audiobook, performed by Terry Molloy.

Script Editor Paul Morris

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