Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision

Genre: Audio Drama

Written by: Alec Reid

Directed by: Alec Reid


Total Duration: 0hrs 22mins 50s

Total Size: 31.366 MB

Release Date:

This dark tale is a dance to the death.

Sally was loved by Frank, a glassblower and pseudo-intellectual. She liked going to shows with him, even though she failed to understand why he enjoyed musicals so much. She regarded him as her best friend, although not a ‘friend with benefits’, much to his chagrin.

Those ‘benefits’ were briefly enjoyed by Tom, until Sally abruptly abandoned both the men in her life and moved to a different town. It didn’t live up to her expectations. She was surprised to find that she missed Frank. On the phone one stormy evening, she persuaded him to drive through snow and ice in order to comfort her. His chivalrous behaviour gave rise to supernatural malevolence and violence from beyond the grave…

Sally ( Annette Chown )

Written and Directed by Alec Reid

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