Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Alec Reid

Narrated by: Piers Hampton-Ward, Suzannah Hampton, John Telfer


Total Duration: 0hrs 43mins 33s

Total Size: 59.854 MB

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Sally radiates happiness when talking of her marriage to Alan, the owner of a popular restaurant serving mediaeval banquets. The main course was goose, which she adored. John, her boyfriend, couldn’t keep it down and by the next morning he was history. Or so she hoped. They had been in business together, helping racehorse owners to place large bets on fixed races. Because Alan despised gambling, Sally was scared to tell him about her former business life, still less of her previously rackety love life. It left her vulnerable to a life-changing blackmail attempt. Her whole future was at risk. Then Alan made a shocking confession….

Written and directed by Alec Reid

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