Baker's End: The Happenstance Pox

Baker’s End: The Happenstance Pox

Genre: Audio Drama

Written by: Paul Magrs

Directed by: Simon Barnard


Total Duration: 1hrs 16mins 38s

Total Size: 105.253 MB

Release Date:

It’s been some time since the master of Baker’s End went charging into an infernoing tower. Since then he’s been lying swathed in bandages in the cottage hospital, tended by the rather mannish Sister Timperly.

But the village of Happenstance has never needed the King of Cats more. A virulent plague is running rampant through the village, giant rats have been spotted in the undergrowth, and bestselling novelist and monster-hunter Derek Titts has arrived in Happenstance with his deadly arsenal to combat the rodent menace.

What is Sister Timperley’s dreadful secret? Is Titts all he seems? What’s wrong with the Reverend Ailing? And can the King of Cats sproing back to life in time to save all our friends..?

Himself ( Colin Baker )

Suzy Goshawk ( Katy Manning )

Mrs Frimbly ( Susan Jameson )

Derek Titts and the Sexton ( Alistair Petrie )

Sister Temperley ( Margaret Cabourn-Smith )

Reverend Ailing ( Ewan Bailey )

Music Edwin Sykes
Artwork Mark Hiblen
Design Matt Bright

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