Baker's End: Tatty Bogle

Baker’s End: Tatty Bogle

Genre: Audio Drama

Featuring: Tom Baker, Katy Manning, Susan Jameson

Written by: Paul Magrs

Directed by: Simon Barnard


Total Duration: 1hrs 4mins 13s

Total Size: 88.19 MB

Release Date:

As the end of summer beckons, the local folk are planning the festival of Tatty Bogle. Hideous scarecrows are appearing all over the place, and almost everyone is behaving as if they’re fudgeknocking bananas. Retired TV star Tom Baker is in the garden making friends with cabbages (especially Eric), and Mrs Frimbly is up to curious, malinky deeds of her own.

Before the festival is over there’ll be ritual sacrifice, a nasty homunculus and an almighty ruckus in the front parlour. But that’s not all. Tom has had a word with the Ferryman, and it’s all aboard the ferryboat as it glides through the kinching morts of midnight….

We’re all going to hell. And it looks a lot like Middlesbrough.

Himself ( Tom Baker )

Suzy Goshawk ( Katy Manning )

Mrs Frimbly ( Susan Jameson )

Reverend Ailing ( David Benson )

Music Edwin Sykes
Sound Design Simon Robinson

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