Winston and the Duke

Winston and the Duke

Genre: Audio Drama

Written by: Rory Fellowes

Directed by: Maureen Payne-Hahner


Total Duration: 1hrs 24mins 58s

Total Size: 116.736 MB

Release Date:

They say you can’t catch a fish with a hook.

F.W. Maitland once said, “What is now in the past was once in the future.”

It’s 1925, a world on the cusp of change. Hitler has published Mein Kampf and Mussolini has shut down the free press in Italy.

Three friends meet on a Scottish estate for a weekend of salmon fishing and convivial conversation over brandy and cigars: Winston Churchill, future world leader, ‘Bendor’, 2nd Duke of Westminster and Coco Chanel, iconic fashion entrepreneur. The narrative develops into a visceral account interspersed with sharp and insightful humour, revealing two men whose deep friendship is divided by their profound political differences, as each of them tries to navigate an uncertain world.

And then there is Coco Chanel, also an accomplished angler and Bendor’s mistress. She enters wearing furs and exits wearing waders.

In Winston & The Duke, Rory Fellowes delivers a thought-provoking play that invites the audience to question:

Have we learned anything from history?
Should we pay attention to past events rather than purge them for comfort’s sake?
Can controversial friendships exist openly and provoke change in today’s political arena?

That is for the listener to decide.

Winston Churchill ( Nigel Patterson )

Bendor, Duke of Westminster ( Tim Bruce )

Coco Chanel ( Helen Lloyd )

Chisholm ( Liam Gerrard )

Hamish ( Malk Williams )

Director Maureen Payne-Hahner
Producer Nigel Patterson
Sound Design Nigel Patterson

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