Victorian Anthologies: Horror (Vol 2)


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Featuring work by Jerome K. Jerome, Rhoda Broughton, R.L. Stevenson and Violet Hunt, this second collection of eight enduring horror stories, some well-known, others less familiar, transports you to a candlelit fireside to hear tales of cursed paintings, mysterious locked chests and the consequences of promises broken…

The Mezzotint by M.R. James
The Body Snatcher by R. L. Stevenson
The Man of Science by Jerome K. Jerome
The Cold Embrace by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The Marble Child by Edith Nesbit
Catherine’s Quest by Sheridan Le Fanu
Under the Cloak by Rhoda Broughton
The Prayer by Violet Hunt

Narrator ( Joshua Manning )

Narrator ( Kay Eluvian )

Narrator ( Bronwen Price )

Narrator ( Kate Millner )

Original Music Benedict Edwards
Producer Helen Quigley
Executive Producer Andrew Mark Sewell

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