The Scarifyers: The Horror of Loch Ness

The Scarifyers: The Horror of Loch Ness

Genre: Audio Drama

Featuring: David Warner, Terry Molloy

Written by: Paul Morris, Simon Barnard

Directed by: Simon Barnard


Total Duration: 2hrs 1mins 21s

Total Size: 166.658 MB

Release Date:

Celebrated speed ace Sir Malcolm Campbell (Alex Lowe) is carrying out speed trials on Loch Ness when a bank of fog suddenly descends. When it lifts, Sir Malcolm and his boat have mysteriously vanished.

MI-13’s Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) are soon shaking up the sleepy loch-side village of Inver Farigaig. Aided by kindly local GP Dr Pippin (Philip Madoc), they discover a connection to the erstwhile Laird of Boleskine and Abertarff – occultist, bon viveur and occasional nudist Aleister Crowley (David Benson).

Crow and Dunning swiftly realise that there’s more to Inver Farigaig than meets the eye: fraudulent Nessie hunters, demonic bed sheets, Caledonian witches and things that go bump in the night.

Joined by Crowley, their investigations into Sir Malcolm’s disappearance will lead them into terrible danger, as an old foe threatens to unleash… The Horror of Loch Ness.


REVIEWS / The Horror of Loch Ness

“So the long wait is finally over with the release of the seventh The Scarifyers audio play. Fans of the stories will be celebrating in the streets as we speak, I kid you not.

The series had gone through its own evolution. Originally Professor Dunning was partnered by DI Lionheart as played by the late Nicholas Courtney. With his passing Dunning got a new partner, the most excellent David Warner, who has as memorable and resonant voice as Courtney. From the previous adventure he has settled quickly in to become one of the family.

There are few enough plaudits which can be thrown at this series. Pitch perfect in its humour, production values and vocal acting, every new release feels like coming home to an old friend.” – 10/10 SCI-FI ONLINE


“Guest starring Philip Madoc in what was to sadly prove to be his final role, The Horror of Loch Ness shows that The Scarifyers has lost none of its edge with the replacement of Nick Courtney by David Warner. The return of David Benson’s Aleister Crowley will please his many fans, and the byplay between Warner, Terry Molloy’s Edward Dunning and Benson is one of the many high spots of the piece.

Unsurprisingly, given the production team’s love of Doctor Who, there are more than a few references to Philip Madoc’s most famous role in the show – in fact, it could almost have been subtitled “Solon and Thanks For All the Fish!” Who fans will enjoy some of the scenes on the second disc on more than just one level, while any fans of classic SF films will find themselves mouthing along with certain lines once Campbell and Dunning start to work on getting out from their predicament.” – SCI-FI BULLETIN


“Philip Madoc was an actor known to millions, but is perhaps best remembered as the U-boat captain held prisoner by the Walmington-on-Sea platoon of the Home Guard in Dad’s Army. Madoc died earlier this year, but next week there’s a chance to hear him in his last ever role, with the release of the seventh Scarifyers adventure on CD.

Described by the Radio Times as ‘rollicking good fun’, The Horror Of Loch Ness is a must for all fans of good old-fashioned radio adventure series like Dick Barton Special Agent. Just remember, this one has its tongue stuck firmly in its cheek. A fitting farewell to one of the great character actors of his generation.” – EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS

Harry Crowe ( David Warner )

Professor Dunning ( Terry Molloy )

Doctor Pippin ( Philip Madoc )

Aleister Crowley and Marmaduke Wetherall ( David Benson )

Sir Malcolm Campbell and Leo Villa ( Alex Lowe )

Vivian Beak and Euphemia Hagge ( Lizzie Roper )

as The Monster and Mr Pish ( David Bickerstaff )

Written by Paul Morris & Simon Barnard
Music by Edwin Sykes
Cover Art by Garen Ewing
Sound Design by Martin Johnson
Produced and Directed by Simon Barnard

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