The Scarifyers: A Dinner Date with Death

The Scarifyers: A Dinner Date with Death

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: Roland Moore

Narrated by: Terry Molloy


Total Duration: 1hrs 28mins 44s

Total Size: 121.892 MB

Release Date:

When a series of unusual gangland murders rock Soho’s underworld, Lionheart and Dunning are on the case. The victims appear to have wasted away, starving to death in a matter of days. But what could cause such a thing?

Our intrepid pair find themselves in a world of crackpot diets, fake spiritualists and gangsters’ molls as they follow the trail to the most dangerous man in London, Lionel Stackley.

What is Stackley’s secret? Why is Dunning suddenly so very hungry? And will our heroes survive a Dinner Date with Death…?

A Scarifyers audiobook, performed by Terry Molloy.

Script Editor Paul Morris
Sound Design Mark Hendrick
Music Evelyn Sykes
Design and Artwork Matthew Dow Smith
Producer Simon Barnard

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