Goodbye Mr Chips

Goodbye Mr Chips

Genre: Audiobooks

Written by: James Hilton

Narrated by: Sir Derek Jacobi


Total Duration: 1hrs 10mins 24s

Total Size: 163.605 MB

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Sir Derek Jacobi reads James Hilton’s 1934 classic novel “Goodbye, Mr Chips”, in this abridged five part version.

Over the five instalments we follow Mr Chips’ life as he remembers it in flashback from the comfort and serenity of retirement at Mrs. Whitlow’s cottage. A moving and emotional story, spanning a lifetime and filled with many colourful and recognisable characters.

This abridged version, by renowned abridger Neville Teller, keeps true to the original work, rather than the famous 1939 MGM movie. Evocative and touching, “Goodbye, Mr Chips” is a timeless story that will bring a tear to everyone’s eye.

Author James Hilton
Abridged by Neville Teller
Narrator Sir Derek Jacobi
Music SNK Music
Director Neil Gardner

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