For Her Bones

For Her Bones

Genre: Audio Drama

Featuring: John Telfer, Mark Meadows, John Lomas

Written by: Alec Reid


Total Duration: 4hrs 26mins 56s

Total Size: 366.628 MB

Release Date:

William Finehand is over two hundred years old. He spent the early part of his life exploring the world and collecting artefacts. His final, troubled voyage took him to the island of Sanguinary. There, Tarbone, a rebellious crew member who claimed to have slept with Finehand’s wife, stabbed him to death. As punishment, Tarbone was cut with a ceremonial knife. Over the following weeks he wasted away and died. His bones were ground to dust. It was the first part of the alchemy that brought Finehand back to life. The process was grotesque, and grisly. When Welbeck, the ship’s captain, chanced upon it, he was pushed to the brink of madness.


Finehand was not a particularly bad man. Certainly, he would not have been seen as such in the century he was born. However, time and circumstances made him a murderer. His tale sweeps across the centuries and is told in many voices, but the woman who might have loved him best fell silent, a victim to his burgeoning conscience….

Sir William Finehand ( Mark Meadows )

Captain Welbeck ( Andrew Hilton )

Professor A. R. Reid ( Ric Jerrom )

Melissa ( Madeleine Leslay )

Jen ( Alice Lamb )

Tarbone ( John Lomas )

Elizabeth Smythe/Lizzie ( Katy Sobey )

Mrs Smythe ( Julia Hills )

Addison/Jenks ( Andrew Kelly )

The Author ( Michael Lumsden )

Narrator ( John Telfer )

Written and Directed by Alec Reid

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