Don Carlos


Total Duration: 2hrs 9mins 26s

Total Size: 178.934 MB

Release Date: 03/08/2023

Originally heard on BBC Radio 3 in 2007.

The acclaimed Sheffield Theatre’s production of Schiller’s play, starring Derek Jacobi in a new translation by Mike Poulton.

King Philip II of Spain holds on to power through the terror of the Inquisition and his spies at Court. His son Don Carlos seeks his father’s trust, yet hides his feelings for his father’s wife, Elizabeth of France, to whom he was betrothed before Philip married her. The Court watches and listens.

King Philip II ( Sir Derek Jacobi )

Don Carlos ( Richard Coyle )

Queen Elizabeth ( Claire Price )

Rodrigo Marquis of Posa ( Elliot Cowan )

Duke of Alba ( Ian Hogg )

Domingo ( Michael Hadley )

Princess Eboli ( Charlotte Randle )

Count Lerma ( Roger Swaine )

Duchess of Olivarez ( Una Stubbs )

The Grand Inquisitor ( Peter Eyre )

Page to the Queen ( Stuart Burt )

Duke of Medina Sidonia ( Brian Poyser )

Count Cordua ( Andrew McDonald )

Prince of Parma ( Paul Keating )

Translation by Mike Poulton
Music Adam Cork

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